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Beauty & Skincare Product Photography Ideas

Whether you sell skincare, cosmetic, hair, or bath and body products, we are here to help. You put a lot of effort into creating your beauty products. Now let’s create beautiful product images for them.

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A beauty product with fruits in the background

Use ingredients as props

Emphasize the ingredients in your beauty product by placing them in the background.

A beauty product splashed with water

Capture water in the shot

Water creates the refreshing feeling. Disclaimer: This might take you several tries!

A smear mark of a beauty product

Smear it on a clear surface

Showcase the color and texture to help shoppers see and feel the product.

A beauty product on a snowy ground

Put it on a snowy ground

Soft powdery snow can remind people of the softness they desire from their skin.

A hand with lotion dripping on it

Pour it on a hand

Showcase the smooth skin of someone who used the product.

A beauty product with flowers in the background

Have flowers in the background

People often think about beauty and fragrance when they see flowers.

A photo of multiple beauty products

Take multiple products together

Show the set of products, especially if they can be bought as a bundle.

Beauty products in the shower

Show in context

Place the products where people would normally keep them in their houses.

A beauty product laid flat beside some flowers

Lay it flat

Instead of placing your beauty product upright, try laying it flat and tiling it at an angle.

A beauty product with shadows of leaves in the background

Play with shadows

Lights and shadows can help to create a calm and peaceful vibe.

A close-up shot of a beauty product

Take a close-up shot

Make your product feel even more significant than it is.

A hand model holding a beauty product

Hold the product in a model's hands

A pair of hands can encourage people to think about tenderness and care.

A beauty product with a glass container and clouds around it

Use meaningful props

Find ways to visualize the benefits of your beauty product.

A beauty product with a glass container and clouds around it

Take with the packaging

Showcase the packaging, especially if you have invested in the design.

A beauty product and its reflection on a water surface

Create reflections

Make use of the reflective surface of the product or the environment.

A set of beauty products with a plain purple background

Keep it simple

A simple plain-colored background keeps the image clean and tidy.

A lady applying moisturizer on her face

Show someone using it

Find someone in your target demographics so that the right shoppers will relate to the photo.

How to create unlimited beauty & skincare product images with AI

Pebblely screenshot


Take simple photos of your beauty product

First, take a few photos of your product from different angles. Don't worry too much about the background. For now, just make sure you have good lighting where you are photographing. Natural sunlight often works best.


Upload your photos to Pebblely

Pebblely is an AI tool for generating creative product images for your website, social media, email, and ads. Once you upload an image, Pebblely will automatically remove the background for you. You can adjust the background removal if you wish.


Resize, rotate, and reposition your photo

Before you generate your product images with Pebblely, you can resize, rotate, and reposition your photo on the canvas. This allows you to get multiple different styles with a single image.


Pick a theme (or go pro)

To keep things easy for you, there are several pre-defined themes for you to choose from. If you are on the paid plans, you can customize the themes to match your brand.


Generate unlimited images of your beauty product

Pebblely uses AI to create new beautiful photos of your beauty product, including shadows and reflections where appropriate. If you are on the paid plans, you can generate as many images as you like and download them at a higher resolution (2048x2048).

Generate product images with Pebblely

FAQs about beauty & skincare product photography

How can I make my beauty products look more appealing in photographs?

Besides the ideas mentioned above, there are two other things to take note of. First, have proper lighting to illuminate the products and highlight their features. If you do not have studio lighting, natural sunlight often works great too. Make sure the light is shining on the surface you are photographing. Second, edit the photo to enhance key elements. For example, you could adjust the color, crop the image, add filters, and touch up reflections and shadows. Of course, you could use Pebblely to help you.

How much does a beauty product photography or photo shoot cost?

The cost of a beauty product photography or photo shoot can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the location, duration of the shoot, the number of products being photographed, the number of models, the complexity of the set and lighting, the experience and reputation of the photographer, and any additional post-production or retouching work that may be needed. In general, a professional beauty product photo shoot can cost several thousand dollars.

Do I need models for my beauty product photos?

Having models is not a must but models can help showcase the products and provide the personal human element in your product images. But it is ultimately up to you and your creative vision for the shoot. It is also possible to take photos using props or other visual elements in place of models, depending on the goals and style of the shoot.