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Health and Supplement Photography Ideas

Whether you sell vitamins, supplements, natural health or wellness product, we are here to help. You put a lot of effort into creating your products. Now let’s create beautiful product images for them.

Generate product images with Pebblely
A health product with lemons in the background

Use ingredients as props

Emphasize the ingredients in your health product by placing them in the background.

Two bottles of jelly against a white background

Show the gummy

Let shoppers see the actual thing they will be taking.

A model holding a cup of green tea smoothie

Show the end product

If the supplement is meant to be added to a drink, show the drink.

A bottle of supplements floating between two hands

Feature your target buyer

Have a model of your target demographics. Adult, elderly, or child. Man or woman.

Two rows of supplement drink bottles

Create simple patterns

It can be as simple as lining bottles up against a colored background.

A hand holding a bottle of CBD oil among some leaves

Hold the product

Helps shoppers understand the size of the product. And adds a human element.

Three bottles of supplements against a two-colored backdrop

Play with angles and symmetry

The line in the photo can help direct people's eyes toward the product.

A lady taking out some pills above a plate of breakfast

Show the lifestyle

Show the product as part of a person's daily routine. Should it be eaten with breakfast?

A few packets of workout supplement in the gym

Leverage the right setting

Use the environment to give context. Workout supplement? Take photos in the gym.

A bottle of supplement on a moss-filled tree trunk

Go outdoors

Go outside, especially if your product helps people stay active.

A bottle on a mirror, which is in the sand

Be abstract

A drink to boost creativity? Try something weird, which can help grab attention.

Three bottles of supplements in a studio shot

Take them together

If you have a series of related products, group and sell them as a bundle.

A bottle of gummies with a man in the background reaching for one

Use depth to create focus

And use the model's posture to create the vibe e.g. relaxing.

A bottle of Goli gummies in an orange backdrop

Keep it simple

Use a colored background that matches your brand colors.

A hand pouring a canned drink into a glass of ice

Pour the drink

Even an image of an ice-cold drink can make people thirsty.

How to create unlimited health & supplement product images with AI

Pebblely screenshot


Take simple photos of your health and supplement product

First, take a few photos of your product from different angles. Don't worry too much about the background. For now, just make sure you have good lighting where you are photographing. Natural sunlight often works best.


Upload your photos to Pebblely

Pebblely is an AI tool for generating creative product images for your website, social media, email, and ads. Once you upload an image, Pebblely will automatically remove the background for you. You can adjust the background removal if you wish.


Resize, rotate, and reposition your photo

Before you generate your product images with Pebblely, you can resize, rotate, and reposition your photo on the canvas. This allows you to get multiple different styles with a single image.


Pick a theme (or go pro)

To keep things easy for you, there are several pre-defined themes for you to choose from. If you are on the paid plans, you can customize the themes to match your brand.


Generate unlimited images of your beauty product

Pebblely uses AI to create new beautiful photos of your health and supplement product, including shadows and reflections where appropriate. If you are on the paid plans, you can generate as many images as you like and download them at a higher resolution (2048x2048).

Generate product images with Pebblely

FAQs about product photography

What are some tips for taking health and supplement product photos?

One key difference between health and supplement products and other types of products is that they are edible. So besides showing the packaging or the bottle, try these three things: One, show the actual gummy or tablet to be eaten to that the shopper knows exactly what they will be taking. Two, if the product is meant to be mixed with food, show the end product, such as a smoothie or a shake. Three, show the intended benefit of taking the supplement, such as being more active, more relaxed, or more positive.

Should I show the packaging or labeling of the product in the photo?

Good question! Given that it is edible, shoppers will be curious about the ingredients. If you have specifically designed your packaging to highlight certain ingredients, definitely have some photos of the packaging. Regardless, you should also always include detailed information about the ingredients on your product page, where shoppers are going to make the purchase.

How much does a health and supplement product photography or photo shoot cost?

The cost of all product photography or photo shoot depends on several factors. Specifically, for health and supplement products that are meant to be mixed with food, you should consider whether you want to feature the end product. The additional props and work would increase the cost of the shoot. In general, you can expect a professional product photoshoot to cost several hundred to several thousand dollars.

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