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Candle Photography Ideas

Whether your candles are made to create a romantic atmosphere, set a mood for a party, induce a calming effect, or just for aesthetic purposes, we are here to help. You put a lot of effort into creating your candles. Now let’s create beautiful product images for them.

Generate product images with Pebblely
A hand lighting a candle

Show someone lighting the candle

Use a match instead of a lighter to create a calming vibe.

A candle besides its packaging

Take it with its packaging

If you have great packaging like Homesick, show it off.

A candle on a snowy field, under the night sky

Go outdoors

Don't limit yourself to the indoors. Go out and walk around to find a good backdrop.

A candle with a snowy backdrop

Visualize the scent

Help shoppers see the scenery that the smell would remind them of.

Four candles in a photo

Take them together

If you sell a set of candles, capture them in one shot and sell them as a bundle.

A candle among some flowers

Decorate with flowers

If your candle has a scent of a particular flower, use that flower as a prop.

A candle among some flowers

Play with the focus

You will need a lens with a large aperture to create such a shallow depth of field.

A candle on a picnic mat on the beach

Show the place

This Homesick candle has the beach scent. Where does your candle remind people of?

A candle that has just been put out

Capture the smoke

Put out the candle flame and quickly capture the remaining smoke from the wick.

A candle with a plain pink background

Keep it simple

Put your candle in front or on a plain-colored background.

A candle a hand model's palm

Hold the candle

A great hand model can create a gentle and warm vibe, like in this photo.

A candle under a colorful night sky

Try an impossible shot

Maybe it's the colorful night sky. Or the aurora. Or underwater. Go against the conventions.

Two candles separated by a few books in between

Use props related to the name

This Homesick candle is called Book Club and hence the books!

The topdown view of a candle with petals

Show the petals

If your candle is infused with flower petals, show them.

How to create unlimited candle product images with AI

Pebblely screenshot


Take simple photos of your candle

First, take a few photos of your candle from different angles. Don't worry too much about the background. For now, just make sure you have good lighting where you are photographing. Natural sunlight often works best.


Upload your photos to Pebblely

Pebblely is an AI tool for generating creative product images for your website, social media, email, and ads. Once you upload an image, Pebblely will automatically remove the background for you. You can adjust the background removal if you wish.


Resize, rotate, and reposition your photo

Before you generate your product images with Pebblely, you can resize, rotate, and reposition your photo on the canvas. This allows you to get multiple different styles with a single image.


Pick a theme (or go pro)

To keep things easy for you, there are several pre-defined themes for you to choose from. If you are on the paid plans, you can customize the themes to match your brand.


Generate unlimited images of your candle

Pebblely uses AI to create new beautiful photos of your candle, including shadows and reflections where appropriate. If you are on the paid plans, you can generate as many images as you like and download them at a higher resolution (2048x2048).

Generate product images with Pebblely

FAQs about candle photography

How do I capture the flame in my candle photos?

You would want to switch to the manual focus mode and adjust the focus on the flame or select a single-point focus and place it on the flame. You might also want to experiment with different apertures and shutter speeds to get the best exposure. For example, using a large aperture allows more light into your camera and lets you use a faster shutter speed. If your shutter speed is too slow, the candle flame might be blurry as it flickers.

How can I achieve a warm, soft light in my candle photos?

The key thing is to be mindful of the white balance of your photos. Candlelight is usually yellow, which is great for creating a warm vibe. But other elements in the photo might turn out blueish if your white balance is set to auto. You could increase the white temperature to make them yellower. Or you could shoot in RAW and edit later. Also, you should consider the shooting angle, shadows, and reflections, which can create different moods in your photos.

What are others things to take note of specifically for candle photography?

One, consider switching off the other lights in the room. The candlelight might be bright enough. Otherwise, you could add a dimmed light for just a bit more light. Two, please be safe since you are literally playing with fire. Be extra careful if you are using any flammable props. And as you see above, you can take great photos of your candle even without lighting it.