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Perfume Photography Ideas

Whether you sell a perfume that is sexual, masculine, flora, futuristic, or energizing, we are here to help. You put a lot of effort into creating your perfume. Now let’s create beautiful product images for them.

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A futuristic image of Paco Rabanne Phantom

Be futuristic

Paco Rabanne Phantom's branding is all about robots, sci-fi, and futuristic.

A photo of Prada Paradoxe and its ingredients, neroli, amber, and musk

Show the notes

Prada Paradoxe's key notes, neroli, amber, and musk, arranged in its iconic triangular shape.

A brown, masculine product image of HUGO BOSS BOTTLED

Lean into masculinity

A brown image matches the masculine branding of HUGO BOSS and its perfume.

A black and white image of HUGO BOSS BOTTLED in snow

Make it black and white

Or you could go even further and use grayscale. It will feel nostalgic too.

A photo of a Jo Malone cologne in a black backdrop

Keep it simple

Pick a color that matches the perfume branding the most: Classic dark or fun bright.

A photo of Lacoste Essential in a green backdrop

Use a plain-colored background

Another example of using a simple colored backdrop that matches the brand.

A photo of a perfume bottle with a colorful backdrop

Play with colors and gradients

Create a playful and mysterious by experimenting with colors and reflections.

A photo of BLEU DE CHANEL with a background of dark blue water

Use water effects

Water creates a fresh and invigorating feeling; the dark blue matches the perfume's branding.

A photo of Gucci Bloom in a magical garden with bright sunlight

Capture the sun rays

The bright glow of the sunlight creates a magical feeling.

A photo of Chanel No. 5 with falling snow in the background

Play with snow

Snow symbolizes purity while falling snow feels magical.

A photo of Prada Paradoxe on moss, beside a small white flower

Use the nature

In Japanese culture, moss represents beauty, simplicity, humility, and refinement.

A product image of Gucci Flora with illustrations

Illustrate the branding

Unlike most perfume brands, Gucci adopted a Japanese-anime style branding for Gucci Flora.

A product image of Gucci Flora among flowers

Place it among flowers

Most perfume uses flowers as ingredients for the scent, so a flora-vibe cannot go wrong.

A photo of Acqua di Gio and its shadow

Create colored shadows

Most perfume bottles are transparent, which could create such colored shadow effects.

A photo of Yves Saint Laurent perfume and its reflection

Use a reflective surface

Water, a glass table, or a metallic surface can help you create the reflection.

A lady opening the cap of a perfume bottle

Show someone using it

Use a model who matches your target demographics. This also adds a human touch.

A lady opening the cap of a perfume bottle

Have a model hold it

Though it might be better for the bottle to be full than half-full.

How to create unlimited perfume product images with AI

Pebblely screenshot


Take simple photos of your perfume

First, take a few photos of your perfume from different angles. Don't worry too much about the background. For now, just make sure you have good lighting where you are photographing. Natural sunlight often works best.


Upload your photos to Pebblely

Pebblely is an AI tool for generating creative product images for your website, social media, email, and ads. Once you upload an image, Pebblely will automatically remove the background for you. You can adjust the background removal if you wish.


Resize, rotate, and reposition your photo

Before you generate your product images with Pebblely, you can resize, rotate, and reposition your photo on the canvas. This allows you to get multiple different styles with a single image.


Pick a theme (or go pro)

To keep things easy for you, there are several pre-defined themes for you to choose from. If you are on the paid plans, you can customize the themes to match your brand.


Generate unlimited images of your perfume

Pebblely uses AI to create new beautiful photos of your perfume, including shadows and reflections where appropriate. If you are on the paid plans, you can generate as many images as you like and download them at a higher resolution (2048x2048).

Generate product images with Pebblely

FAQs about perfume photography

Why are perfume ads always so sexual?

Well, until we can find a way to transmit smell through images or ads, perfume brands need other ways to communicate and connect with shoppers. Our sense of smell is connected to our emotions and sexual desires, so perfume brands use erotic advertising to indirectly connect with shoppers. Also, most people fantasize about sex and romance. So playing to that helps create a fantasy that they crave.

Do I need models in my perfume images?

If you are a major brand, you should be getting a big celebrity (but why are you reading this?) Your perfume images should tell a story and communicate the branding of your perfume. At times, you might want to have models to evoke a certain feeling or to appeal to a specific group of shoppers. But as with all photoshoots, hiring models can be exorbitant. You can achieve similar results with the ideas above, such as using colors, props, or shadows.

How can I capture the essence of my perfume in my photos?

As mentioned above, we still cannot transmit smells. The next best alternatives are (1) use a visual metaphor that evokes the scent, such as using a rose as a prop, and (2) show the ingredients or notes, like Prada Paradoxe did with neroli, amber, and musk (see above).