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How to Add Your Logo or Badge to Your AI Product Photos in Bulk




A cover photo showing various product photos with logos added

Whether you want to watermark your product photos with your logo or highlight certain attributes or achievements of your products to convert more shoppers, you can now easily add your logo or badge in bulk.

After you have generated your product photos with Pebblely, you can now add graphics such as your company logo to watermark your images or a badge to help sell more products.

To give you some ideas, here are some graphics you can decorate your AI product photos with:

  1. Company logo: Your company logo for branding or watermarking your product photos, especially for third-party platforms.
  2. Quality certifications: Badges indicating that the product meets certain quality standards, such as ISO certifications, UL listing, or other industry-specific standards.
  3. Awards and recognitions: Badges showing awards the product has won, such as "Best of the Year," "Editor's Choice," or "Top Rated."
  4. Safety certifications: Symbols indicating compliance with safety standards, such as CE marking for European markets, FCC certification, or RoHS compliance.
  5. Eco-friendly and sustainability badges: Badges indicating that the product is environmentally friendly, such as "Organic," "Recyclable," "Energy Star," or "Fair Trade."
  6. Customer satisfaction: Badges showing high customer ratings, such as "5-Star Rated," "Customer Favorite," or high ratings on platforms like Amazon or Trustpilot.
  7. Special features: Stickers highlighting unique features of the product, like "BPA-Free," "Gluten-Free," "Vegan," or "Non-GMO."
  8. Guarantees and warranties: Badges indicating warranties or guarantees, such as "1-Year Warranty," "Satisfaction Guaranteed," or "Money-Back Guarantee."
  9. Promotional tags: Temporary badges for promotions, such as "New Arrival," "Limited Edition," "Sale," or "Best Seller."

To make things even easier for you, we have created several badges that you can use for free in your account. Read on!

How to add a logo or badge to your product photos in Pebblely

Adding logo in Pebblely

Adding logos and badges is only available to paid subscribers. Subscribe to unlock unlimited images and advanced features, including AI custom backgrounds, bulk generation, and AI image editing.

1. Select one or multiple photos

Select one or multiple photos by clicking on the checkbox in the upper-left corner of the photo. There is no limit. Feel free to select as many photos as you like!

Selecting photos in Pebblely

Then, click the "Add logo" button at the bottom of the screen.

You can also add your logo or badge while bulk generating too.

Next, upload your logo or badge. Or select one if you have already uploaded some before.

As mentioned above, instead of your company logo, you can add a badge to help convert more shoppers into customers. In your account, you will see several free badges commonly used by ecommerce merchants, such as five-star rated, free shipping, and 1-year warranty. Here are a few:

Five-star badge Money-back guarantee badge Satisfaction guaranteed badge Limited edition badge Special offer badge Eco-friendly badge Free shipping badge Warranty badge

Then, adjust the size and position of your logo as you wish.

  • Position and alignment: There are nine available options. Bottom Center and Bottom Right are the most common positions for logos and badges.
  • Scale: This changes the size of your logo.
  • Margin: This adds space around your logo to move it away from the edge of the photo.

Sizing and positioning a logo in Pebblely

Finally, click "Download images with logo" to save all the newly-designed images onto your computer or phone.

To keep your Recent folder tidy, the images with the logo will not be saved to your Pebblely account.

Give us your feedback

Once you have tried this new feature, let us know what you think! For example, are there other badges you would like? Are there other graphic design elements you want to add to your product photos? Are there more settings that you need?

And feel free to tag us on your social media posts so that we can re-share them.

Happy generating!

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