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A compilation of product images of different sizes

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Instagram stories
Facebook posts
Email banners
Hero images
Ad photos
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One image. Multiple pieces of content.

Edit generated images with AI

Pebblely isn't just an AI image generator but more like a design tool.

Add multiple products
Edit generated images
Reuse a background

A compilation of product images of different sizes
A collage of fashion photos generated with Pebblely Fashion

Generate AI fashion models

Get photos of your apparels on different models in different poses and backgrounds.

Works best for fashion tops, such as tees, blouses, crop tops, and sleeveless and long-sleeve tops.

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Note: Pebblely Fashion is currently a separate product.

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It effectively resolved the problem my business had been struggling with for many years, considering the dynamic nature of product changes and their variety. It was very helpful, and I strongly recommend it to all entrepreneurs. Thank you!

Ewa's profile photo
Ewa KwiatkowskaEva Candles

Working with Pebblely to create images for our Instagram ads has been a game-changer. The difference between creatives made via tools like Canva and those generated by Pebblely was like night and day. Our engagement rates skyrocketed, and we saw a significant improvement in overall performance.

Thanks to Pebblely, we now have visually stunning content that captivates our audience and delivers real results. I highly recommend Pebblely to any business looking to elevate their social media presence and drive meaningful engagement with the power of AI.

Sebastian's profile photo
SebastianEnzo Signature Co.

Pebblely has been a game changer for our business. Many of our clients lack the resources for frequent product photoshoots. Pebblely offers an excellent alternative, allowing us to produce stylish lifestyle imagery. The impact on our engagement rates and ad performance has been remarkable, making it an indispensable tool for our team. I highly recommend giving it a try, you'll be impressed by the results you can achieve!

Christian's profile photo
Christian HornbyScroll Back

All my photos are professionally shot with plain white background but it's a little plain, if you know what I mean. Pebblely has made it so much easier to put them into “lifestyle” situations.

Athirah's profile photo
AthirahBoho Escape

This software is a must-have for anyone looking to create amazing product images. It's incredibly user-friendly and the AI is incredibly accurate. It saved me so much time and effort and I couldn't be happier with the results!

Also, the team behind it is incredibly friendly and supportive. They helped us 1-1 and made sure the photos of our menu looked amazing.

Sebastian's profile photo
Sebastián LegarragaWagon Burgers & Fries

Pebblely has been a game-changer for our product photography needs.

As an e-commerce business, we need high-quality images that showcase our products in the best light. Pebblely's AI-powered background generator has made the process incredibly efficient and cost-effective. We no longer need to spend hours on manual background removal or hire expensive photographers.

With Pebblely, we can easily generate clean, professional-looking backgrounds that make our products stand out. Highly recommended!

Avish's profile photo
AvishHome of Rajasthan

WOW, those photos look amazing. You guys really do have something golden here! This tech is an upgrade over Canva, Photoshop, and others.

Tony's profile photo

Pebblely is like magic. It is actually very cheap to be able to make photos like this. And it saves me a lot of time and effort. Thanks for the great product!

Duc Anh's profile photo
Duc AnhHiep Thanh Casting

I have been using Pebblely for my product photos and it's like a miracle worker! I was spending so much time and money to get the perfect pics before, but now I'm cranking them out in seconds. The lighting, reflections, and shadows are all perfect and I got to create multiple pics for different occasions.

Plus, Pebblely took care of the background for me so I didn't even have to do any editing.

If you're looking for amazing, professional-looking product photos quickly and affordably, Pebblely is the way to go!

Robert's profile photo
Robert Davidson

Product photography is a PAIN:

• It's expensive.
• It's time-consuming.
• It requires software skills.

Thankfully, here comes AI tool Pebblely.

And it's free. Try it.

I uploaded these Nike Air Jordan sneakers and Pebblely did its magic.

Germantas's profile photo

We offer one of the largest selections of rubber ducks in the world. Being active on social media is very important to us. The challenge is to always have attractive images available and this is where Pebblely is really a game changer for us.

We post our rubber ducks with Pebblely-generated images practically several times a day. I can also react to current events within minutes thanks to Pebblely. We now also use Pebblely-generated images for our Facebook ads and can quickly test different motifs for their impact and conversion.

Although we are only at the beginning, Pebblely is already an indispensable tool in our work.

Bernfried's profile photo
Bernfried WarningDuckshop

Pebblely is the missing link in e-commerce. I often struggle with product photo shoot to create various content for my Instagram or Facebook page. With Pebblely, I can now easily create multiple pictures with just one or two quality photos of my product. I can customize the background, the rotation and size of my product, and even resize the generated picture. It's so great. The tool is always evolving, and the team is always listening to customers feedback.

Piyanat's profile photo
PiyanatBlessing Cases

We would have never imagined our product images to be this lively without Pebblely. It took our brand image to the next level.

Sushank's profile photo
Sushank AroraNyra® Kitchenware

Just tried out this new AI product image generator and subscribed because it was awesome! 😎 I'll be using this A LOT!

Melissa's profile photo
Melissa BueningRainbows and Unicorns Agency

Pebblely made my work 65% easier. My work efficiency has increased alot at my workplace because I don't have to worry about product pictures anymore. 100% promising AI tool. It works like magic!

Adnan's profile photo
AdnanGraphic Designer

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