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Create AI product photos that help you sell more.

Remove backgrounds, generate beautiful photos, and edit with AI—all in one tool. No Photoshop skills required.

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Remove any background for free

Simply upload your product, and our AI will automatically remove the background for you.

Our AI is trained to remove the background for a wide range of products—in seconds.

A compilation of product images with and without their background

Generate beautiful AI backgrounds for your products

Just describe the background you want or pick from 40+ themes to get photos with the appropriate reflections and shadows automatically.

Try this out!

Move or resize the product above to get different variations.

Try with various products yourself

Create elaborate images, without being a graphic designer

It's like being a Photoshop pro, without actually spending the time to learn Photoshop.

Set your canvas size

You can change the dimensions up to 2048✕2048. Learn more →

Canvas size setting in Pebblely

Feature multiple products

You can place multiple products and props on the canvas, and Pebblely will generate suitable backgrounds. Learn more →

AI product images with multiple products

Get the colors you want

Besides describing what you want with text, you can use a reference image to show the AI what you want. Learn more →

An AI product image generated using a custom description and a reference image

Match your brand colors

You can use your existing images as reference images to generate images of similar colors, reinforcing your branding. Learn more →

On-brand AI product images generated using a yellow reference image

Extend your images to any size with AI

You can turn a single image into multiple marketing assets.

Marketplace listing photos
Social media content
Website imagery
Email banners
Ad creatives
And more

An AI product photo being resized to various sizes

Suitable for all marketplaces, platforms, and channels

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and more...

Edit generated images with AI

Pebblely is more than an AI image generator. It is an AI design tool.

Remove objects in images

You can remove objects or change parts of the image by brushing over them and re-generating. This lets you fine-tune your images, without generating from scratch again. Learn more →

Move your product

You can re-position, resize, and rotate your product in generated images. Every generated image has two layers: the product and the background. Learn more →

Reuse backgrounds

Love a background you generated? You can reuse it for different products by replacing the product. Learn more →

AI product images with the same background but different products

Add logo or badge in bulk

Decorate your photos with your logo or a badge to help convert more shoppers. Learn more →

AI product images with different logo or badge

Generate product photos at scale

As your business grows, you need more content than ever. Use AI to help you scale.

Bulk generation with our app

Easily generate product photos with similar or varied backgrounds for up to 25 products. Learn more →

AI product images with similar backgrounds

Programmatic generation with our API

We have generated up to 200,000 images per day and can go even higher if you need.

    POST /create-background/v2

      # "images" - A list of strings, which are Base64 representations or URLs of images
      images: List[str]
      # "theme" - One of our 40+ themes. Use our free Get Themes endpoint to retrieve the full list.
      # This is ignored if `description` is supplied
      theme: str = "Surprise me"
      # "description" - Custom description of the created image
      description: str = ""
      # "style_color" - Hex string representing a color e.g. "#FFFFFF"
      style_color: str = None
      # "style_image" - Base64 representation or URL of image
      style_image: str = None
      # "negative" - A list of comma-separated attributes that should be discouraged from the image
      negative: str = ""
      # "generate_plus" - Whether to use the Generate+ pipeline, which takes longer (~15s) with better quality
      generate_plus: bool = False
      # "transforms" - A List of Dicts that has the following parameters (all optional):
      #   - "scale_x": float - Scale the product image horizontally
      #   - "scale_Y": float - Scale the product image vertically
      #   - "x": int - Translate the product image vertically
      #   - "y": int - Translate the product image vertically
      #   - "angle": float - Rotate the product clockwise, in degrees
      # If no "transforms" is provided or is an empty List, the product images default to being centered in the 512 x 512 canvas
      transforms: List[Dict] = []
      # "autoresize" - Use this parameter to automatically resize and center your input image to fit the resulting output
      autoresize: bool = False
      # "height", "width" - Height and width of image, up to a maximum of 2048
      # If only one dimension is provided, the other dimension defaults to the same value and a square image will be generated
      height: int = 512
      width: int = 512

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It effectively resolved the problem my business had been struggling with for many years, considering the dynamic nature of product changes and their variety. It was very helpful, and I strongly recommend it to all entrepreneurs. Thank you!

Ewa's profile photo
Ewa KwiatkowskaEva Candles

Working with Pebblely to create images for our Instagram ads has been a game-changer. The difference between creatives made via tools like Canva and those generated by Pebblely was like night and day. Our engagement rates skyrocketed, and we saw a significant improvement in overall performance.

Thanks to Pebblely, we now have visually stunning content that captivates our audience and delivers real results. I highly recommend Pebblely to any business looking to elevate their social media presence and drive meaningful engagement with the power of AI.

Sebastian's profile photo
SebastianEnzo Signature Co.

Pebblely has been a game changer for our business. Many of our clients lack the resources for frequent product photoshoots. Pebblely offers an excellent alternative, allowing us to produce stylish lifestyle imagery. The impact on our engagement rates and ad performance has been remarkable, making it an indispensable tool for our team. I highly recommend giving it a try, you'll be impressed by the results you can achieve!

Christian's profile photo
Christian HornbyScroll Back

All my photos are professionally shot with plain white background but it's a little plain, if you know what I mean. Pebblely has made it so much easier to put them into “lifestyle” situations.

Athirah's profile photo
AthirahBoho Escape

This software is a must-have for anyone looking to create amazing product images. It's incredibly user-friendly and the AI is incredibly accurate. It saved me so much time and effort and I couldn't be happier with the results!

Also, the team behind it is incredibly friendly and supportive. They helped us 1-1 and made sure the photos of our menu looked amazing.

Sebastian's profile photo
Sebastián LegarragaWagon Burgers & Fries

Pebblely has been a game-changer for our product photography needs.

As an e-commerce business, we need high-quality images that showcase our products in the best light. Pebblely's AI-powered background generator has made the process incredibly efficient and cost-effective. We no longer need to spend hours on manual background removal or hire expensive photographers.

With Pebblely, we can easily generate clean, professional-looking backgrounds that make our products stand out. Highly recommended!

Avish's profile photo
AvishHome of Rajasthan

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