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How to Generate AI Fashion Models Wearing Your Brand's Clothes




AI fashion models generated from simple flatlay images

In four simple steps, you can generate on-model fashion photos of your brand’s apparel. All you need is a flatlay image and some text descriptions. It’s like magic—try it out!

Let’s say I sell anime apparel.

My supplier sent me this simple flatlay image of a One Piece tee.

White background image of a One Piece tee

If I squint, this ugly white-background flatlay might look ok on my website (probably not). But using it on my social media, ads, or emails will certainly be horrendous.

Ideally, I want a model to be wearing the tee. Actually, I want multiple models because I sell to multiple countries. I want them in different poses and different backgrounds so that shoppers know how the tee looks like when worn. And just look, these model photos look so much better.

One Piece tee on different fashion models, generated with Pebblely Fashion

What are my options?

  1. I could hire a photographer and models (or friends), rent a studio or find suitable locations, and endure a full day of work. But boy, the hassle and the cost.
  2. I could try virtual try-on software but they require 3D renderings or sending my apparel to a studio for a shoot first. And it's exorbitant.

Or I could use AI.

With Pebblely Fashion, you can now put your brand’s clothes on...

different models…

with different backgrounds…

in a few clicks…

for as cheap as $0.03 per photo.

How good are the photos? Well, those above were generated using Pebblely Fashion.

A screenshot of Pebblely Fashion app

How to generate on-model fashion photos

Pebblely Fashion lets you easily generate beautiful photos of fashion models wearing your brand’s apparel.

All you need are an apparel image and some text descriptions.

I’ll show you how simple it is—using my fictitious anime apparel brand.

Just 4 easy steps:

1. Upload images of your apparel

Uploading fashion photos in Pebblely Fashion

You can upload up to 10 pieces of apparel at once. Here’s my One Piece tee, with a few other types of clothes.

Pebblely Fashion currently works best for flatlay photos of male and female tops, such as t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, blouses, and crop tops. We are working to support other apparel types, such as bottoms and dresses. Let us know what you want us to prioritize next!

For the best results, use ghost mannequins or properly-shot flatlay or hanger photos. To help you understand what's suitable, here are some clothes photo examples and their respective results.

Guidelines for photos to upload to Pebblely Fashion

If you are not able to generate good photos with your apparel photos, feel free to email us your apparel photos at so that we can look into it.

2. Describe your fashion model

Describing the AI model in Pebblely Fashion

You can customize your model simply by describing what you want.

Hair style.
Facial expression.
Skin tone and more.

You can also describe matching bottoms to pair with your fashion tops. This helps shoppers visualize the complete look and gives you multiple pieces of content for your website, social media, and ads.

Here are some examples:

  • American, tattooed male model posing in black pants
  • Chinese, short bangs hair, smiling female model posing in floral skirt
  • German, blonde, neutral expression male model posing in denim shorts

Assuming I'm trying to enter the Korean market, I want a “Korean, brown hair, neutral expression” male model posing in “denim jeans”.

3. Select a background

Describing the AI background in Pebblely Fashion

You can either:

  • Select one of the background options, such as Streets, Beach, and Cafe, or
  • Select “Basic” and pick a color for a plain-colored studio background, or
  • Select “Custom” and describe the background you want

Whichever background option you pick, the background will always look different because it will be generated by AI from scratch every time. The background is not taken from a library of images.

I want my model to be “on an island with palm trees”. After all, One Piece is about pirates!

4. Generate your model photos

Generating photos in Pebblely Fashion

Then simply click “GENERATE”!

It takes only about 20 seconds to generate each photo, which is nothing compared to a photo shoot.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can always generate more images with the same or different model description and background description. Each subscription plan comes with a generous number of photos.

Frequently asked questions

What types of apparel are supported?

Pebblely Fashion currently works best with flatlay photos of male and female tops.

We do not support dresses, long coats, bottoms, and accessories yet. Let us know what we should support next.

Can I change the aspect ratio or dimensions?

Yes, you can choose between 1:1, 3:4, and 9:16, and up to 2048 by 2048 pixels. You can change the aspect ratio and dimensions under the Settings tab.

Aspect ratio and dimensions settings in Pebblely Fashion

Can I generate more than one photo each time?

Yes, you can generate up to four photos per asset each time. You can change the number of generations per asset under the Settings tab.

Can I bulk-generate photos for multiple pieces of apparel?

Yes, you can generate photos for up to 10 pieces of apparel at once. Simply select the pieces of apparel under the Assets tab.

For instance, if you select 10 pieces of apparel and set the number of generations per asset to four, Pebblely Fashion will generate 40 photos for you.

Selecting multiple assets in Pebblely Fashion

Can I reuse a model and background for another piece of apparel?

Yes, click on “Use template” to reuse the model description and background description for another piece of apparel.

Note that the model and background of the new photo will not be exactly the same as those of the initial photo. If you want them to be the same, though, let us know.

Using a template in Pebblely Fashion

Have more questions? Just drop us an email at

Your chance to wow your fellow fashion fellows

As scary as new technologies such as AI might be, you should embrace them and experiment with them as soon as possible.

Yes, I’m biased. But as a business owner myself, I know how important it is to do things better, faster, and more cheaply. AI is bringing all these benefits to us.

In fact, it is also making impossible tasks possible now.

Who would have thought it’s possible to do fashion shoots around the world without even leaving your desk?

Generate your model photos today!

Examples of Pebblely-generated on-model fashion photos

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